Why Choose Nomad?

We’ve been getting this question a lot lately.

What makes Nomad Chiropractic different than other chiropractic offices?

Why should I choose Nomad or come see Dr. Sarah instead of other chiropractors?

Here’s my answer:

  1. We are a cash only practice – No insurance means that there are no outside opinions on what treatments are paid for or a limit on the number of paid visits. Do you know what this means? My patients and I can agree on a treatment plan that is really the best for you! ALSO – adjustments and rehab prices are really based on the quality of time you spend with the doctor. Prices are held lower because we don’t have to find extra costs to pay for handling insurance in our back office!
  2. I want to be PART of the health care TEAM – I’m not going to recommend to be your primary doctor or to stop doing anything that other providers are suggesting for your health. I believe that MDs, DOs, PTs, DCs, etc…. are all an important part of the team that best suits you, your health, and your financial situation. DON’T FORGET – YOU ARE A PART OF YOUR TEAM FOR YOUR HEALTH!
  3. My approach to chiropractic – I approach chiropractic based on my history of exercise science. If you come in for an exam you’ll notice that I’m going to ask you to move around for me. I am looking for your range of motion in your joints and which areas are lacking motion. So that brings on the next point.
  4. I treat your spine AND your extremities (arms and legs). I can assess your hands, feet, knees, elbows, shoulders, and hips. So I look at how the whole body moves. I assess your bones and muscles and how they BOTH affect your motion. This is a major difference from some other chiropractors. My history in exercise science leads me to believe that both can cause problems for my patients. Why should we ignore the other major part of the musculoskeletal system? Simple, we shouldn’t!

I hope you found something to think about as your read that.

Keeping You Moving,

Dr. Sarah

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