What is Evidence Based Chiropractic?

Evidence Based Chiropractic is a philosophy that more and more chiropractors are using when approaching their style of chiropractic. It is based off 3 aspects for practicing.

Newest Research #1

Doctors of Chiropractic are required to take continuing education credits to keep their licensing current. The idea behind this with Evidence Based Chiropractic (EBC) is for doctors to keep up to date in the newest articles that include chiropractic and implement it into their clinics.

Patients Preference #2

Patients all have their favorite ways of being adjusted and know what has worked for them in the past. All chiropractors learn numerous technique styles for adjusting while in school. Please tell your chiropractors about your past experiences with adjustments!

Doctors Experience #3

You might notice that your chiropractor tends to use the same types of adjustments frequently with you. Every chiropractor favors certain adjustments because it is easier for their bodies to deliver or they see some of the best results with those techniques. Chiropractic is a hard topic to conduct studies on because double-blind studies can’t be done (the doctor knows who has been adjusted and most patients can feel the difference if they have or have not been adjusted). This is the reason doctors experience is important. Chiropractors see a lot of results every day in the office.

EBC is a combination of these 3 aspects. Each part is equally important and must be taken into account when developing a patients individualized care plan. Nomad chiropractic uses evidence based care to become a team member for our patients health. We work with our patients to develop care plans and take into account our patients health goals and past experiences.

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