What is Chiropractic?

I find that this can be a very challenging question for Chiropractors to answer but I’m going to try so bare with me.

To understand what I am about to say I need to introduce some new vocabulary.

  • The nervous system – is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves that exit the spine and extend to the rest of the body. It is responsible for all body functions like breathing, your heart beating, and movement.
  • Palpation – this is what the doctor is doing when they are touching and pushing on your joints. They are looking for proper movement in the joint.
  • Adjustment – this is when the doctor provides an quick, impulse thrust into a specific joint in a specific motion. This is the part where you might hear the popping noise. If a popping noise does not happen it does not mean that the adjustment didn’t work! The popping noise is based off of the type of restriction and type of joint being adjusted.
  • The “Pop” – the popping noise that you hear during an adjustment is the escape of air. It is the same noise you hear when you “crack” your knuckles. This isn’t a noise to worry about and often times relief is felt from the patient after.

Ok, I’m going to say it as simple as I can and then try to explain more after.

Chiropractors are bone and nervous system doctors. We push on the spine to ensure that it is moving properly. If we find an area that isn’t moving the same as others then we will adjust that area. The areas that aren’t moving can put pressure on the surrounding tissues like muscles and nerves and cause pain or decrease the function of the nerve. So we believe that if a spine is moving as it should then the body will function at the highest level it can.

Chiropractic is based off of the philosophy that the nervous system controls all body regulations and functions and that if something is putting pressure on the nervous system then it isn’t working to its full potential. Muscles and bones can be the cause of the pressure. Chiropractors look at how the entire body relates to help the body function better.

There are multiple types of techniques and types of adjusting that can help patients. Not every chiropractor approaches the same problem the same way. Adjustment styles differ and doctors adjust based on their own bodies capabilities and experiences. This is very important for patients to realize so that they can find the right chiropractor for themselves!

I think we will end this first blog post here. I hope I helped explain some unanswered questions and if you have more questions please feel free to email me at drsarah@nomadchiropractic.com or stop in and ask them in person! I’m not going to guarantee that I will know the answer off the top of my head but I will guarantee that I will do the best to find the right answer for you!

Doing my best to Keep YOU Moving!

Dr. Sarah

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