The New Type of Chiropractor?


I recently had a patient ask me if I was one of the “new” chiropractors. AND I had no idea what she meant.

After she explained it to me, I guess my answer was yes….

The NEW chiropractor was someone that worked with other health care providers and was accepted back by the traditional medical world.

The NEW chiropractor wasn’t a quack. Let’s not pretend that chiropractic has had a shady past and produces some really questionable professionals. But on the bright side there are some in the profession like the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance that focus on inter-disciplinary work and keeping up to date on new research about the chiropractic profession.

The NEW chiropractor doesn’t make outlandish claims to “cure cancer” or suggest that you need a very large number of treatments for a uncomplicated healthy patient.

I am constantly working on these ideas to stay up to date and provide my patients the best care they can get. I aspire to be the “NEW” chiropractor.

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