I have had some amazing patients so far!

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Dr. Sarah is amazing and cares deeply for her patients. Stop into Nomad and check her out for all your chiropractic needs!

– Channing R.

OMG, OMG, OMG.  I’m not kidding, oh my gosh, I’ve never received chiropractic treatment or results like I have with Dr. Sarah and I’ve seen my share of chiropractors.

First of all, the intake session was like none I’ve ever experienced.  She checked the range of motion of every joint in my body – I felt like I was in exercise class.  Speaking of exercise, in the past whenever a physician or therapist has cautioned against the after effects of treatment and to take it easy – nothing ever happened.  Not so with Dr. Sarah!  A few hours after treatment I usually feel like I’ve had an intense workout even though she does all the work.  Once I get through that, however, my body just keeps feeling better and better!  Now when I go in, I ask for more!

Anyway, when it’s all said and done, the proof is in the pudding.  After seeing Dr. Sarah for only a couple of months, the intense pain that I’ve had in my right hip for upwards of 30 years, is all but a whimper.  I’m afraid to say it’s completely gone for fear I’ll jinx it!

It’s not often you find a healthcare professional that sets the standard by which you’ll judge all others.  I’ve found one in Dr. Sarah.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

– Deb W.

Dr. Sarah was my chiropractor while she was an intern at Cleveland University. She is a great adjuster and found the source of my back pain! With her treatment I was pain free!

– Carissa B.

I don’t think words can work to say how well I’ve done since finding Sarah’s practice. I was a client/patient of hers in Fall of 2017. I did not think my issues were necessarily going to be recoverable with my hip joints, legs, and most of all my ribs. I thought I wouldn’t make a come back, but I did, and owe a good deal to not only Sarah’s adjustments, but as well the direction she was able to give for exercises, yoga positions, using a lacrosse ball for myofacial release and trigger point releases, and using the foam roller. All I can say is you might be ‘just accepting’ pain in your life, but you don’t have to, and I’m sure many would find a great team member in Sarah, to their wellness at life!!

– Max. H