Dr. Sarah had the opportunity to travel to Ghana, Africa in August 2018 with a group called Epik Missions. Over the span of 6 days she and 8 others offered 2,005 adjustments to those in Ho, Ghana.

"We worked 8-hours days with breaks for lunch or when it was raining. We worked until our bodies hurt and we became our own patients.

The people of Ghana are some of the most loving and welcoming people I have ever met! We would welcome ("Waso" in their language) them every morning and then work with them all day. I couldn't keep track of the number of times I was "blessed" for caring and offering them a healing hand. Tears commonly overflowed by all the team members to be able to see the change in our patient's lives. They may have little, but they gave back to our team members in the ways that really matter -- thanks, blessings, prayers, and kindness. There are so many stories I could tell you as the doctor that warmed my heart or offered us struggle. We saw patients that got carried in take their first steps in months, scoliosis cases that had never been cared for, countless babies, "waist" pain, and so much more. I will forever see these patients and the smiles they offered after care in my mind.

I thank everyone that made this trip a possibility for me!

Akbe-ca-ca (Thank you very much) and let me share with you the blessings that were shared with me - God bless!"

-Dr. Sarah Schroeder - Nieschburg

How can you help?

Unfortunately going to help others costs more than it should. If you would like to make a donation to help support Dr. Sarah in her mission work please email her at drsarah@nomadchiropractic or speak to her in person the next time you see her. She will be happy to talk about all the ways you can donate toward her trip and the individuals lives you can help in Ghana by donating toward a goat!