Lets talk about Posture

Do you have good or bad posture? Do you even pay attention to your posture? Do you notice other peoples posture?

I, as a chiropractor, notice so many people’s postures and it is so hard not to approach strangers about it. During chiropractic school we all practice and notice things about each other. It is expected – we spend about 8-9 hours a day with the same group of classmates. Our personal space bubbles deflate and as a profession, we are touchy people, so it is a wake up call to remember that strangers do not like to be touched!

Anyways – this doesn’t stop me from the internal mind struggle of wanting to help the person. So with this in mind please bare with me and participate in a quick guided body awareness lesson.

So you are obviously reading this on some type of screen. Are you sitting at a desk on a computer or do you have your phone held up in front of your face?

Where is your head located in relation to your shoulders? Are your ears in front of your shoulders? Are you tucking your chin toward your chest looking down at your phone? Or are you laying on the couch with your head tilted to one side? Do you feel any tension in between your shoulder blades? How does the back of your neck feel?

Lets talk about your legs now. Are you flat footed on the ground with knees and hips at 90 degrees? I doubt it. Most of us tend to favor leaning toward one side or are you a leg crosser? OR are you sitting with a leg tucked under you? Now concentrate on how these areas are feeling. Think about your low back or your hip (where your leg actually attaches to your pelvis). Do you feel any strain there? What about numbness or tingling like maybe your foot is falling asleep?

Do you sometimes stay in whatever position, you are now aware of, for multiple hours a day? Is it sometimes painful to move out of whatever position you stay in all day?

Okay now don’t move. Take as deep of a breath as you can. Was it easy or did it feel hard or slightly painful to try to take a full breath? Okay now relax as much as you can – go ahead slouch! Try taking in another breath. It was even harder right?

Ok now bare with me – I’m going to ask that you move! Sit up straight, move your ears back over your shoulders, put both legs on the floor in a 90/90 flexion, pull those shoulder blades back. Now – breathe. Did you take in more air? Was it easier? Did you feel that air completely expand your chest and push against your diaphragm?

Now which one felt better? Which one relaxed your body more? Do you think breathing is an important part of health? Your answer should be yes – hello – it is the reason we stay alive everyday.

Okay now what you’ve had that “Ah’Ha” moment promise me that you will keep this exercise in the back of your brain. Just a couple of times a day straighten up out of your bad posture and take a deep breath.

I’ll revisit posture again in the future because we’ve got work to do. Next up – how do you keep your posture correct? Thanks for hanging in to the end with me.

Dr. Sarah

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